What to Expect at Japanese Restaurants in Osaka


Japan is one of the many great places that you can visit around the world. One of the greatest city of the country is Osaka which is full of history and great culture. It is one of the oldest cities that ever was created in the world. One of the great things that you can enjoy in Osaka is the various restaurants they have that serves exquisite food.

You cannot call your visit to this place totally meaningful without trying out their best food specialties. One of the food that they offer at Japanese restaurants is the Okonomiyaki which actually means fry what you like. This is by far the most flavorsome item in a Osaka Japanese restaurant most especially in the western areas of the whole country. It is a bit difficult to explain how this looks like but it is safe to say that they can be related to that of a pancake and a pizza. This dish is like a pancake mix that is filled with different additions like flour, onion, egg, and cabbage which is often treated as the secret ingredient. The best part about this dish is that you can add any other ingredient that you like to make it as you desire. The pork Okonomiyaki in Japanese restaurants are also being serve with other special toppings that are so delightful to taste like shrimps, beef, cheese and rice cake. You can even add everything to your Okonomiyaki if you want.

This Japanese dish are being prepared in the Best Japanese restaurant in two ways which are the Hiroshima style and the Osaka style. The Osaka style is the most commonly ordered style of cooking wherein all of he topping are mixed together and then fried inside he pan. The Hiroshima style on the other hand, are prepared without mixing the ingredients all together but are cooked separately instead and hen are combined only, not mixed together.

The ingredients are first piled in order before the noodles will be added. They have sauces that are served together with both ways of cooking of the dish. The sauce comes in a dark brown color and has a crisp taste to the mouth. A lot of people like it when hey add mayonnaise together with the Okonomiyaki. The egg is often cracked on the dish as it finishes cooking and then it is being rolled on top of the Okonomiyaki as the finishing. Know more claims about restaurants at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kosta-petrov/the-first-timers-guide-to_b_8119438.html.